King Dir'ge

Faraway frozen sand lands took the vacancy of a dying planet.

On the final breaths of life, ruled by the Earls of the fiefs.

The tyrant King Nez’Zar dir’ge.

King Dir’ge had taken control through the plots devised of evil men.

Yet he held little power in the affairs of the court.

The court had been taken years earlier by spies of nearby empires waiting for the death of the king to stake claim on the corpse planet to take its final resources.

As the disappearing star gives birth to the dawn, the worn guards close the giant wooden door.

Anti-aircraft rise into the air as the remaining artillery is rolled out.

The black air forces ready to be launched into an arial battle which the king couldn’t win.

Massive armies sleep in the sky as the King prepares for the revelation

Presently, he rushed towards the hall of the Oracle Bard.

And heard this:

“Your companions stay here tonight;”

The first explosions of the night went off

“The galactic enforcement of his Majesty searches as you visit the grave of your mother;

And the first enemy ships had landed on top of the royal castle

“You run into hiding as your luxuries are torn asunder by particle bombs.”

And he ran towards the graveyard, the courtyard, as the king’s holdings was absorbed by his political enemies.

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